Becanus, Martin, SJ. De ecclesia Christi. Itemque de ecclesia Romana, quae est Catholicorum; et de reformata, quae est Lutheranorum & Calvinistarum.

Mainz, Johann Albin, 1615.

8vo. 247, (1) pp.

(Bound with) II: The same. Apologia pro iudice controversiarum fidei ac religionis. Ibid., 1617. 172 pp., 2 bl. ff., 391, (1) pp. Without the folding plate bound with at least one known copy.

(Bound with) III: The same. Libellus de invocatione Sanctorum. Ibid., 1617. 164 pp.

(Bound with) IV: The same. Epistola [...] ad D. Davidem Pareum theologum Heidelbergensem de actis colloquiorum Swalbacensium, & defide haereticis servanda. Ibid., 1619. (4), 81, (1) pp. Contemp. dark green vellum with ms. spine label. Traces of ties.


Sammelband containing four rare controversial treatises by the Brabant Jesuit Martin Becanus (i. e., Verbeeck or Van der Beeck, c. 1561-1624), who taught theology at Würzburg, Mainz, and Vienna. I: First edition. II: Variant of the first edition with expanded first part (only one copy listed in VD 17 [Wolfenbüttel]; this contains an engraving, while the shorter variant is not illustrated). III: Rare second edition; not in VD 17. IV: First edition of this polemic against the Heidelberg protestant theologian David Pareus (1548-1622).

Contemporary ms. ownership notes and stamps of St. Michael's College in Vienna. Slightly browned throughout; altogether nicely preserved.

I: VD 17, 12:107975X. De Backer/Sommervogel I, 1103f., 41.

II: VD 17, 23:647113Y. De Backer/S. I, 1104, 45.

III: De Backer/S. I, 1104, 43. Not in VD 17; cf. VD 17, 23:241132U (1617 ed. with diff. collation).

IV: VD 17, 23:678518X. De Backer/S. 1104f., 47.

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