Philipp I, the Magnanimous, Landgrave of Hesse (1504-1567). DS.

Rotenburg an der Fulda, 26 July 1562.

Folio. 3 ½ pp. on bifolium. With papered seal. In German.


Extensive instructions to his son William IV, Landgrave of Kassel (1532-92). The eldest son of Philipp, William "the Wise" became the founder of the line of Hesse-Kassel, which survives to this day. After the death of Philipp, the foremost Protestant prince, Hesse was divided among his four sons. On 6 April 1562, a few months before the present document was composed, William had been designated by his father to receive the portion around the capital Kassel.

The instructions to the Landgrave and to his lieutenants and colonels in Kassel focus particularly on the application of the Augsburg Confession, the relationships between the Margraves and the Counts Palatinate, the attitude towards the French, etc.: "Instruction was unser sohnn landegrave Wilhelm, unnd unser hofmarschalk, unnd seinen binge, zu Cassell verhandeln, vornehmen, und von unserrn wegen verweisen mugen, auch wie den zweien obristen handlenn, unnd zwischen dem von Undeloch, unnd denselbigen obristen miteln konnen [...]".

Some staining to outside pages, otherwise well-preserved specimen.

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