Wentworth Park

Stevens, Meg. A collection of 15 original watercolours, all showing Arabian horses (all captioned with the name of the horse). Partly signed ("MJ Stevens") and dated. All matted and housed in half-leather box with gilt title to spine. Folio (35 x 30 cm).

Great Britain, 1924-1961.

I: Ibn Yashmak, portrait of a chestnut Arabian horse (145 x 197 mm). II: Radi at the Islington Arab Horse Show, March 5th, 1938 - Radi by Rishan ex Rosaria (145 x 197 mm). III: Nasik, 1924, head and neck portrait (197 x 145 mm). IV: An Arabian mare and her foal in a stable (195 x 254 mm). V: Study of two Arabian horses in a stable (147 x 197 mm). VI: Study of an Arabian mare and foal (158 x 210 mm). VII: Study of an Arabian circus horse with female rider in Spanish costume (197 x 145 mm). VIII: Two riders on Arabian horses in a mountainous desert landscape (188 x 240 mm). IX: Enys Park, 1961. Six Arabians and two foals, all named on the backing card (beneath the mat). From left to right: Yaquin, Yamina, Yatagan, Roshnara, Halfa, Bint Roxana, Colt foal and Roxana (190 x 260 mm). X: Wentworth Park (146 x 245 mm). XI: A Middle-Eastern street scene (195 x 245 mm). XII: An Arabian horse and two dismounted riders (220 x 85 mm). XIII: Study of a bay Arabian horse (200 x 254 mm). XIV: A bay Arabian stallion being led towards a mare and foal (145 x 246 mm). XV: Two Arabian horses on the range.


An outstanding collection of original watercolours by Meg Stevens, containg a view of Wentworth Park as well as of Enys Park and numerous portraits of the most famous Arabian Horses bred there, several painted at the Arab Horse show in Islington, March 1938. The collection also includes the original watercolour used for the front cover illustration of The Arab Horse Society News, No. 75, and is topped off by a charming oriental street scene.

Stevens's possibly most famous work is the watercolour used for the cover illustration of Greely's "Arabian Exodus", one of the principal works on the subject of Arabian horses, first published in 1972 (while her watercolour was produced as early as 1940). As the owner of the Pelere Arabian Stud, Stevens was both a highly respected breeder of Arabian horses and a gifted artist. Born in Penryn in 1903, she received her early tutelage from her mother; this was followed by spells at the Slade and Lucy Kemp-Welch's school at Bushey in Hertfordshire.

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