Kopp, Hermann, German chemist (1817-1892). ALS ("Hermann Kopp").

Gießen, 18 Aug. 1858.

4to. 1 S.


To an unidentified colleage, thanking him for sending his latest work and noting several printing errors in it: "On the eve of my departure for a week of rest and relaxation in Norway, I want to dash off this note to thank you for having been so kind to mail your supplement V, so important to me. You can tell just how carefully I perused it when I point out to you that where you write about pyrophyllite it should read trimetric rather than triclinic, and about nigite, where it should be SiO3 instead of SO3.

Wöhler, who is here with me, asks me to send you his greetings, and I commend myself to your continued benevolence [...]". The reference is to Friedrich Wöhler, another important German chemist.

Kopp, who worked with Justus von Liebig, studied the connections between the physical properties and the chemical nature of substances. He also worked on physical constants and wrote on the history of chemistry.

In very good condition.

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