Rammelsberg, Karl, German mineralogist and chemist (1813-1899). Autograph letter signed ("C. Rammelsberg").

Berlin, 23 Feb. 1852.

8vo. 2 pp.


To the American geologist James Dwight Dana, in German, forwarding some of his recent work on minerals for publication in the American Journal of Science, edited by Benjamin Silliman and James Dwight Dana: "I am enclosing a small treatise on petalis [probably petalite] and spadumen, which I ask you to include in the American Journal of Science that you and the Messrs. Silliman edit. Like earlier researchers, I received different results for spadumen than Mr. Brush did with the two varieties from Massachusetts. I would be most happy to get hold of some of the American spadumen for the purpose of analysis and ask you if you might be able to get me a few pieces of it and send them either directly to me or to Mr. Krantz in Bonn.

The Mineralogical Notices which you have sent me several times have always been very welcome and I am most grateful for them. You will find a few small essays included with this letter, others are being printed right now, e. g., the analysis of Childrenite where I proved that fluor as substitute for oxygen enters a compound.

I would have liked to write the treatise in English, but I worried about making too many mistakes. You will no doubt have an opportunity to have it translated and to revise it [...]" (transl.). Rammelsberg did research on crystallography, analytical chemistry and mineralogy, and wrote several important texts in these fields.

In very good condition.

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