[WWII - Finland, Norway, Poland]. Collection of autographs by northern European political and military leaders of WWII: Carl Gustav Fleischer, Risto Ryti, Gustaf Mannerheim, and Edward Raczynski.

London and Helsinki, 1940-1941.

4 sets of autographs laid down to album leaves, including original envelopes, numerous photo reproductions and newspaper clippings.


Interesting wartime collection, assembled by the young Uruguayan nobleman Alejandro Zorrilla de San Martin (1909-87; Foreign Affairs Minister from 1963 to 1965 and grandson of José Luis Zorrilla de San Martín, the National Poet of Uruguay) by direct application. The Norwegian general Carl G. Fleischer (1883-1942) sends "mes meilleurs voeux pour vos et votre pays" from his London exile on 10 April 1941. The clipped photo reproduction shows the Polish Prime Minister in Exile, Sikorski, conferring upon Fleischer the "Virtuti Militari" medal for bravery. A year later, the strong-headed Fleischer (the first land commander to win a major victory against Germany in WWII) took his own life after being bypassed for the post of commander-in-chief of the Norwegian Armed Forces.

The Finnish statesman Risto Ryti (1889-1956) signs only his name and the date (6 March 1941). Ryti served as Prime Minister during the Winter War; later he served as President during the Continuation War. Having signed the Ryti-Ribbentrop Agreement in 1944, he was the main defendant in the Finnish War-responsibility trials. His countryman, the statesman and officer Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim (1867-1951), signs his surname (1940, Helsingfors), adding a caption to the image provided by Zorrilla: "Les dernières manoevres de l'armée finlandise avant la guerre 1939-40". The diplomat Edward Raczynski (1891-1993) initials a 5-line dedication.

Also includes a 3½-page letter from Scotland (with inscribed photograph) by the Polish army captain Moscicki, to whom Zorrilla had written after wrongly identifying him as former president Ignacy Moscicki (actually in Switzerland).

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