15th century law manual

Abu al-Barakat 'Abdallah b. Ahmad b. Mahmud al-Nasafi. Kanz al-daqua'iq fi'l-furu (Treasure of Niceties in the Branches [of Jurisprudence]).

No place, [1477 CE] = Wednesday, 17 Rabi` I 882 H.

Large 4to (176 x 262 mm). Arabic ms. on oriental paper. 325 ff., expertly written naskh script, possibly in more than one hand, black ink with rubrics, usually 6-8 lines to the page, considerable interlinear and marginal glossing. Full-leather Islamic binding with fore-edge flap; original blind tooled ornamentation (medallion).


Manual on Islamic Law by Abu al-Barakat `Abdallah b. Ahmad b. Mahmud al-Nasafi (d. 710/1310), an important Hanafi legist and theologian. Born in Nasaf in Sogdian, he taught in the Madrasa al-Kutbiya al-Sultaniya in Kirman, came to Baghdad in 710 and died in Rabi` I 710 (August 1310), apparently on his return journey to Idjadj (in Khuzistan), where he was buried. The Kanz al-Daqa'iq is an important text on Hanafite law and formed the basis for a great number of commentaries, especially in the 9th/14th and 10th/15th centuries (EI² VII, p. 96; GAL II, pp. 250-53). Contains both the `Ibadat and the Mu`amalat.

Final 12 leaves (f. 313ff.) show edge damage with some loss of text. Copied by Khidr b. Shaykh `Ali (colophon in a chancery hand on f. 325v).

Cf. GAL S II, 265.

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