Lind-Goldschmidt, Jenny, Swedish singer (1820-1887). 13 autograph letters signed ("Jenny Lind Goldschmidt" or "Jenny L. Goldschmidt").

London, Isle of Wight, Lowestoft and Cannes, c 1865 to 1871.

Mostly large 8vo. In Swedish. Altogether 69¾ pp. on 36 ff. With 10 autogr. envelopes and several addenda.


Extensive correspondence with the Swedish architect Ernst Jacobsson, written during her marriage to Otto Goldschmidt. In these later years, Jenny Lind forsook opera and performed only in concerts throughout Europe, but was still greeted with unprecedented success. These affectionate letters tell of her activities and sentiments, travel plans, musicians, concerts, and mutual acquaintances.

Includes: I) Jenny M. Goldschmidt (her daughter): ALS. Oak-Lea, 29 Aug. 1867. 8vo. 3 pp. on double leaf: "[...] Je suis sûre que vous avez entendu parler de la grande fête musicale à Hereford; c'était bien beau et Maman a chanté plusieurs fois [...]".

II) Otto Goldschmidt: 3 ALS. London, 1867. (Large) 8vo. Altogether (4+4+2 =) 10 pp. on 6 pp. With 2 autogr. envelopes. In German, to Ernst Jacobsson.

III) An envelope addressed in Swedish, to Jenny Lind.

In light-bown calf portfolio, giltstamped "Brev fran Jenny Lind till sedermera Professor Ernst Jacobsson", with gilt laurel border and lyres; lined with moirée silk.

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