Valéry, Paul, French poet, essayist, and philosopher (1871-1945). "Été". Autograph manuscript with some autogr. illustrations.

No place or date.

4to. Some lines of red pencil. Large ink discharge on reverse due to wetting.


A beautiful and witty manuscript illustrated with superb drawings of dreamlike and fantastic inspiration curiously evoking the universe of Salvador Dali. One can decipher in particular: "Girl, Aestus, exposed to the Gods, whom the ocean constellates [...]" (transl. from the French original). The poem, in the draft form, largely crossed out, carries in left and right margins the word "summer" which seems to be the title, but it differs totally from the work published under the same title published in the "Album des vers anciens" ("Album of ancient verses"), dedicated to Francis Vielé-Griffin.

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