Miró, Joan, Spanish-Catalan painter, sculptor, and ceramicist (1893-1983). Typed letter signed.

Barcelona, 10 Jan. 1950.

Half page, on quarto lettersheet of personal letterhead. With one correction and several insertions of accents in ink. Folded for mailing, else about fine.


To "Mi distinguido Amigo" (the gallery owner Marcelo de Ridder in Buenos Aires). In part, Miro writes (in translation): "[...] I have just returned from Paris; Maeght and I think this exhibition should be postponed until the world comes out of this state of hysteria and madness. Since the paintings that we would send belong to private collections, and mine are being kept for my wife and daughter, we can not risk assuming such responsibility under the current circumstances. Please pass this information on to the Ambassador. I can only hope that the world will return to its senses, and in that case, I would be very honoured to do this exhibition, which, by the way, needs to be better organised [...]". Signed boldly "Miro".

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