[Stereo views of the Hajj]. The Holy Carpet Parade.

Cairo, ca. 1910.

Collection of 3 stereoscopic views (double prints on cardboard), 88 x 172 mm each.


Three stereoscopic views of the Mahmal procession to Mekka. "There is nothing in Cairo which so strikingly reminds us that we are in a country professing the religion of Mohammed, as the ceremonies connected with this pilgrimage to Mecca [...] Every year, at the expense of the Sultan, a fine carpet or huge fabric for festooning the Ka'ba at Mecca is made in this city of Cairo" (printed note on reverse of cardboard). Also includes a view of the prayer niche and pulpit in the tomb-mosque of Kait Bey, Cairo, as well as one of the Garden of Gethsemane and the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, as seen from the eastern wall.

A well preserved set.

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