[Quran]. Two single leaves from a Quran manuscript. Probably Mamlukian.

Possibly Cairo or Damascus, ca. 1450 / 15th century.

With a gilt-raised juz' mark and several gilt-raised verse separators each. Black script with individual red recital marks. 7 lines. Matted together. Dimensions: 250 x 178 mm each.


Two separate, highly decorative leaves from a Koran manuscript in large Muhaqqaq script, executed in very beautiful calligraphy of high quality. The right leaf contains sura 26 (al-Shuara), verses 206-14 (verso probably verses 199-205), the left one shows sura 27 (an-Naml), from verse 9 onwards, recto and verso.

Margins worn, browned and thumbed. From the Ottoman collection of the Swiss industrialist Herry W. Schaefer.

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