Alquie, Francois-Savinien d'. Les mémoires du voyage de Monsieur le marquis de Ville au Levant, ou l'histoire curieuse du siège de Candie.

Amsterdam, Boom, 1670-1671.

12mo. 3 parts in 1 vol. (10), 60, 153 (but: 453), 320 pp. Contemp. vellum.


First complete French edition. The account of the siege of the fortress of Candia, Crete, based on the reports of Giovanni Battista Rostagno, secretary to Duke Charles Emmanuel II of Milan, was first published in Italian in 1668. The engraved title page depicts the siege of Candia.

Ownership of the Swedish nobleman Corfitz Christian count Beck-Friis (dated Stockholm, 1876); unobtrusive ownership stamp to title page. Last in the Ottoman collection of the Swiss industrialist Herry W. Schaefer (his ms. ownership to endpaper; dated Zuroch, 28 March 1992).


Atabey 17. Cioranescu 7075. Weber II, 347. Cf. Willems 1844.

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