Wolf, Hieronymus (ed.). Historia rerum in oriente gestarum ab exordio mundi et orbe condito ad nostra haec usque tempora.

Frankfurt/Main, Sigmund Feyerabend, 1587.

Folio (240 x 362 mm). (4), 297, (44) ff. Title page printed in red and black. With woodcut vignette to t. p., printer's device to final page, and woodcut arms of Nidhard Thungen on dedication leaf. Original calf (restored).


The first edition of this work to include Turkish material: an early, important collection of sources on Byzantium, Turkey, and the Islamic world, containing writings by Laonikos Chalkokondyles ("Historiarum de origine ac rebus gestis Turcorum libri X"), Nikephoros Gregoras ("Historiae Byzantinae libri XI"), Johannes Zonaras, and Niketas Choniates, as well as additional material by several other writers on Turkey.

Binding professionally repaired. Some brownstaining and waterstaining throughout; a few repaired paper flaws near beginning and end.

VD 16, H 3899. Adams H 634. BM-STC German 259. Atabey 582. Blackmer 819. Hoffmann II, 628f.