Ghys, Joseph, violinist and composer (1801-1848). Autograph letter signed ("Ghys").

N. p., "vendredi matin" [after 1833].

8vo. 1 p. on bifolium with integral address panel.


To impresario Josef Pellet in Graz, discussing some details for a "dernier concert" on Monday, because Ghys stays until the following Tuesday or Wednesday and is persuaded to think that there will be as many people visiting this concert as on the day before. Ghys is nevertheless offering to limit himself to 80 florim this time: "Ne partant que le mardi au mercredi prochain, je viens vous demander s'il peut vous êtes agréable que je donne un dernier concert Lundi. Je suis intimement persuadé que vous aurez autant de monde que hier, néanmoins je me borner pour cette foi à 80 florim Münze [...]".

Somewhat browned; fol. 2 with small tear. With some smaller ink stains.

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