Herz, Henri, Austrian-French pianist and composer (1803-1888). Autograph letter signed.

Bruxelles, "mercredi matin", no month or year.

4to. 1 page.


Telling his publisher Schott that Herz' last concert is fixed for Saturday 21st because of some holiday arrangements, something unnamed, probably another concert could therefore only be set on the 17th, 18th, or 19th, and that Schott could anounce it in his recommandations in the name of Herz. Further Herz is requesting a response and informing that he will probably meet Massèt, Beriot, M.elle Garcia, and others on 21th "aux Augustins": "Je m'empresse de vous prévenir que par suite de plusieurs arrangements feriés, mon dernier concert ici est fixé au Samdie 21 [...] Il faut donc fixer celui d'avant au 17-18 ou 19, [...] vous pouvez annoncer dans votre avis de mon part [...]".

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