Early 19th century reports on the coastal settlements between Abu Dhabi and Ajman

Berghaus, Heinrich. Geo-hydrographisches Memoir zur Erklärung und Erläuterung der reduzirten Karte vom Persischen Golf.

Gotha, Justus Perthes, 1832.

4to. (4), 50 pp. Forms part of: Asia. Sammlung von Denkschriften in Beziehung auf die Geo- und Hydrographie dieses Erdtheils; zur Erklärung und Erläuterung seines Karten-Atlas zusammengetragen. 1832-1836. 7 parts in all. With a lithographed map of Syria. Period black marbled papered boards with a green paper title label in manuscript.


First edition. A detailed discussion of the Arabian Gulf coast in the early 19th century, with chapters on "the environs of the Mussendom promontory", "The Arabian coast between Ras Sheikh Monsud and Shaum", "The Pirate Coast", "The coast of danger between Debai and Eas Reccan", "Islands in the great bay between Debai and Ras Reccan", "Bahrein and its environs", and "The coast between Katif-Bey and the mouth of the Shatt al-Arab". Includes details on pearl fishing and notes on all the coastal settlements, today forming the United Arab Emirates: "Amelgawein", "Aymaun", "Shargah", "Debai" ("the inhabitants belong to the Beni Yass tribe and number some 1200 persons [...] Pearling yields an annual revenue of 20-30,000 dollars [...] The only freshwater springs are in the three small date gardens beyond the city"), and "Abuthubbi or Buthabin, a city with a small fortress", etc.

Published as part of a "collection of articles relating to the geography and hydrography of Asia". The other six parts of this rare work include a cartographical analysis of India, the Philippines, Assam, Bhutan, Syria, Arabia and the Nile, and the Himalaya. H. K. W. Berghaus (1797-1884) "is most famous in connection with his cartographical work. His greatest achievement was the 'Physikalischer Atlas' (Gotha, 1838-48), in which work, as in others, his nephew Hermann Berghaus (1828-90) was associated with him" (Wikipedia).

Foot of spine shows chipping of marbled paper, but overall a very good copy.

Macro 532. Not in Gay.

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