Bodio, Luigi, Italian economist and statistician (1840-1920). Autograph letter signed.

N. p., 01. IV. (n. y.).

1 page on bifolium. 8vo.


To unnamed professor offering him one copy of a work of Gabaglio as Bodio has two copies: "Voici l'oeuvre de Mr. Gabalgio, dont je prends la liberté de vous offrir un exemplaire, parce que je le posséde en double [...]".

In 1872 Bodio officially worked for government statistics of Italy. The same year he was called to Rome to be appointed Secretary of the Statistical Bureau of the Ministery of Agriculture, Industry and Commerce of which he soon became chief of the bureau. In 1878, the bureau was raised to an office (direzione generale). Until 1898 Bodio stayed Director-General. In the early 1860ies Bodio had spent a year in Paris and since then he was friendly with Emile Levasseur.

On stationery with lithogr. letterhead and coat of arms saying: "Ministero di Agr.a E Commercio Direzione Generale Della Statistica".

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