Cuvier, Frédéric, zoologist and palaeontologist (1773-1838). Autograph letter signed.

No place, "ce 31", no year.

8vo. 1 page.


To an unidentified recipient ("m. c. a.", i. e. "mon cher ami") about an approaching journey on the following Sunday morning at the latest at seven o'clock. For this reason the addressee should arrive at half past six, meeting point is the "jardin de plantes" (Garden of the Plants), as travelling companions there will be Cuvier's sister Sophie and Clémentine: "Nous ne partirons que Dimanche Matin; mais au plutard à sept heures; ainsi soyez au jardin des plantes à six heures et demi. Vous seriez bien aimable de venir nous voir demain soir. C'est avec mon Soeur Sophie et Clémentine que nous ferons le voyage [...]".

Frédéric joined his brother Georges in Paris in 1797. The "Commission de l'Instruction publice" was in charge of the direction of the national education between 1815 and 1820, of which Georges Cuvier was chancellor and president. Frédérique Cuvier was scientific director of the zoo of the "jardin de plants" in the years 1805-1836.

On stationery with preprinted (letter press) letterhead "Commission de l'Instruction publique". Note in the middle of the text area with initials.

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