Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm, philosopher and mathematician (1646-1716). Autogr. document.

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1 p. Ca. 110:30 mm.


Fragment of a bibliographic note about a mathematical work by the astronomer Henry Gellibrand: "and logarithms. With the application thereof to Questions of Astronomie and Navigation. By H. Gellibrand, Prof. of Astronomie in Gresham Colledge. II. Edition corrected and enlarged. London MDCLII." The work in question is the second edition of Gresham's "An institution trigonometricall, wherein demonstratively and perspicuously is exhibited the doctrine of the dimension of plain and spherical triangles, after the most exact and compendious way, by tables both of sines, tangents, secants, and logarithms".

Early 19th century certification of authenticity by the educator Peter Heinrich Holthaus (1759-1831) on the reserve: "Nach Kästner's Zeugniß in einem (nicht zu theilenden) Briefe an den vormahligen Prediger Müller in Schwelm [the theologian, mathematician and astronomer Friedrich Christoph Müller, 1751-1808] ist diese Handschrift von Leibnitz.

P. H. Holthaus". The Göttingen mathematician and writer of epigrams Abraham Gotthelf Kästner (1719-1800) had studied Leibniz's manuscript papers at the Royal Library in Hanover and composed the preface for the posthumous first edition of the "Nouveaux essais sur l'entendement humain", aimed at John Locke (in the "Oeuvres philosophiques latines & françoises de feu Mr. de Leibnitz", edited by R. E. Raspe in 1764). The verso also shows a probably slightly earlier note "Leibnitz" in a different hand.

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