Ferdinand I, Austrian Emperor (1793-1875). Autograph note signed.

No place, "31 January [i.e., December?] 1852".

8vo. ½ p. In German.


Menu for New Year's Day 1853: "Menu for January 1st, 1853. 1st course, soup with butter dumplings. 2nd, beef with anchovy sauce. 3rd, black salsify as vegetable dish. 4th, apple jam [...]" (transl.).

Ferdinand suffered from severe epilepsy, and though he was not declared incapacitated, a Regent's Council of Archduke Louis, Count Kolowrat, and Prince Metternich steered the government. After abdicating in 1848 in favour of his nephew, Franz Joseph, he mainly lived in Moravia and in the Royal Palace in Prague. He personally administrated the inherited estates of the Duke of Reichstadt, the revenues of which he succeeded in increasing significantly.

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