L'Isle, Guillaume de / Buache, Philippe. Carte de l'Egypte de la Nubie de l'Abissinie &c.

Paris, Philippe Buache, 1745.

Hand-coloured engraved map (635 x 505 mm).


A fine example of Philippe Buache's edition of Guillaume de l'Isles highly detailed map of the region centered on the Red Sea. The map extends west to include Sicily, the Southeastern Mediterreanean, Barbaria, Nigritie, and a Guinea on the West Coast of Africa. To the east, the map includes the Persian Gulf, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf of Aden and the Kingdom of Ajan and Dadel. De l'Isle's maps provided the first truly scientific mapping of the regions covered, showing the flamboyant Dutch style of illustrations and adopting a highly detailed and decorative approach to the printed map. The result is a combination of spectacular detail and accuracy, not approached by the Dutch or any other 17th Century map makers. The detail in this map reflects this Renaissance of style and accuracy.

Tibbetts 199. Cf. Al-Qasimi 268 (1707 ed.).

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