Cobden, Richard, economist (1804-1865). Two autograph letters signed.

Manchester and Pencarrow, 19 Oct. 1847 and 19 July 1848.

8vo. Together 5 pp.


To W. M. Christy and the photographer Edmund Fry, concerning currency reform and defending Robert Peel's Bank Charter Act of 1844: "I dare not attempt in a letter to enter upon the question of the currency but must reserve it for a topic of conversation when we meet. But with regard to Peels late bill for regulating the Bank, & the paper issues of the country, I do not see that it has been proved to be too stringent in its operations. On the contrary, the late gambling excitement in railways occurred after the passing of that measure-and the present depression arises more from the want of confidence & other causes than a deficiency of circulation and declaring: the nations of the Continent are groaning under the cost of their warlike establishments, which are everywhere unpopular, not only with the tax payers, but with those who have to serve as conscripts in the army".

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