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Münster, Sebastian / Eliyahu Bahur. [Sefer ha-dikduk]. Grammatica heb. Eliae Levitae Germani co[m]modiori interpretatione quam antea per Sebast. Munsteru[m] versa, ut etiam incipie[n]tibus facile usui esse possit. Item Institutio elementaria in eandem linguam ex Eliae varijs libellis concinnata.

Basel, Hieronymus Froben d. Ä. [& Nikolaus Episcopius d. Ä.], May 1532.

8vo. (96), 269, (3) pp. With several pretty woodcut initials. (Bound with) II: The same / Kimhi, Moses. Grammatica Rabbi Mosche Kimhi, iuxta Hebraismum per Sebastianum Munsterum versa, & iam denuo per eundem accuratius cum Hebraismo collata. Additum est & utilissimum in eandem Eliae Levitae commentarium [...]. Basel, (Heinrich Petri, March) 1536. 130, (68) pp. Modern blindstamped calf on 3 raised bands, using the original 17th c. spine label.

Pretty sammelband containing two works on Hebrew grammar edited by Sebastian Münster during his Basel years. "Münster's Hebrew works are characterised by the Humanist principle of 'ad fontes': he prefers the Jewish grammarians, in particular the brothers Moses (d. 1190) and David Kimhi (1160-1235), as well as Elia Levita (1469-1549), as Hebrew is a mother tongue to the Jewish people" (Burmeister, p. 11).

Somewhat browned throughout; slight edge defects and worming repaired; corner defect to fol. A4 of the first work (repaired, slight loss to text). A Cistercian monastery's ms. ownership on the title page notes that the author, but not this grammar, is cited in the index of prohibited books.

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