Bond, George Phillips, Astronom (1825-1865). Eigenh. Brief mit U.

Hamburg, 21. VII. 1851.

1¾ SS. auf Doppelblatt. 8vo.


An den Astronomen Friedrich Georg Wilhelm von Struve (1793-1864), Gründer und Direktor des Pulkowo-Observatoriums bei St. Petersburg: "Before leaving London on my way to the path of the central Eclipse I received a note from M. Otto Struve, for which I beg leave to return my thanks. I propose to leave Lubeck for St. Petersburg by the steamer which sails on Tuesday Aug. 5th in the afternoon. Your son has had the great kindness to propose to have 'an officer in waiting at St Petersburg to bring you directly to Pulkova'. You do me a great honour by such a proposal, but I fear that it is putting you to much trouble on my account [...]".

Auf Briefpapier mit gepr. Vignette.

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