Manners, Russell Henry, Astronom (1800-1870). 2 eigenh. Briefe mit U.

London, 1866.

Zusammen (2½+2 =) 4½ SS. auf 4 Bll.


An den Astronomen Wilhelm Förster: "[...] Directions have been given to complete the set of our Publication for the Berlin Observatory, and the missing Volumes, mentioned in your letter, have already been despatched to Berlin [...]" (7. V. 1866).

I have the pleasure to inform you that I have despatched your Diplom as an Associate of the Royal Astronomical Society to you through the Prussian Embassy in London, and I trust that it will reach you safely. It would have been sent earlier but I could not readily find a sure mode of getting it conveyed to you [...]" (4. VII. 1866).

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