Fontane, Theodor, German writer (1819-1898). "Das Fischermädchen", "Der erste Schnee" und "Guter Rat". 3 autograph poems.

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12+12+16 lines on 1¾ pp. 8vo.


A fair copy manuscript, written in brown ink, formerly owned by the poet's son Friedrich and presented by him as a memento possibly to the publisher Friedrich Cohn in 1904 "Und es klagen ihre Tränen: | Weit der Himmel, tief die See, | Doch noch weiter geht mein Sehnen, | Und noch tiefer ist mein Weh […]" (from "Das Fischermädchen").

This exquisitely written leaf was presented by Fontane's youngest son Friedrich (1864-1941) in 1904 apparently to Theodor Friedrich Cohn (1864-1936), a fellow partner in the Berlin publishing house of F. Fontane & Co. Although the date of the present manuscript is uncertain, all three of the present poems were originally written in the 1840s ("Guter Rat": 1849; "Das Fischermädchen": by 1844; "Der erste Schnee": 1841) and published in 1851. The present text of "Das Fischermädchen" and "Der erste Schnee" differs in places from the complete edition: see Theodor Fontane: Sämtliche Werke XX, pp. 7, 15-16).

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