[Album amicorum]. Friendship album of the travelling student Mihály Pap, containing entries by Johann II. Bernoulli and Daniel Bernoulli, Johann Jakob Breitinger, Mattli Conradi, Petrus Curtenius, Johann Jakob Gessner and Johann Rudolph Stähelin.

Various places, 1765-1769.

Oblong 8vo. 85 ff. (partly written on both sides). No binding.


This friendship album kept by the travelling student Mihály Pap contains mainly Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and German entries, beginning in 1765 with numerous contributions from Swiss cities (Bern, Lausanne, Zurich); in the later 1760s, he collects entries mainly from German cities (Worms, Regensburg, Nuremberg, Marburg, Duisburg, etc.) as well as from London and Oxford. Somewhat curiously, although the album contains several entries from Göttingen, there is no contribution by the historian August Ludwig von Schlözer, the unrivalled star teacher for the many Hungarian exiles educated at the Georg August University.

Somewhat browned and wrinkled; some pages with slight edge defects. Wants binding. Detailed description upon request.

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