Gründungsdokument der Anthropologie

Blumenbach, Johann Friedrich. De generis humani varietate nativa liber. Editio altera.

Göttingen, Abr. Vandenhoeks Wwe., 1781.

(6), 128 SS. Mit 2 gest. Tafeln. Halblederband der Zeit mit goldgepr. Rückenschildchen. Buntpapiervorsätze. 8vo.


Zweite Ausgabe des Gründungsdokuments der Anthropologie. J. F. Blumenbach (1752-1840) "is [today] chiefly remembered for his work 'On the Native Varieties of the Human Race', now considered as the foundation of the science of physical anthropology - the study of the origin and evolution of the races of men [...]. Blumenbach was able to develop the thesis that all living races are varieties of a single species, homo sapiens, and that their differences were small compared with those between man and the nearest animal; 'innumerable varieties of mankind run into each other by insensible degrees'. It is not surprising therefore that Blumenbach was opposed to the practice of slavery and the then current belief in the inherent savagery of the coloured races" (PMM). "Blumenbach was the founder of anthropology. In this, his dissertation, he classified mankind into four races, based on selected combinations of head shape, skin colour and hair form. In the second edition (1781) he found it necessary to expand this division into five races, but his famous terms 'Caucasian, Mongolian, Ethiopian, American, and Malayan' were not used until the third edition of 1795" (Garrison/M.).

Einband berieben; Ecken bestoßen; Rücken mit Fehlstellen. Innen gebräunt; alte gestempelte und hs. ungarische Bibliothekssignaturen.

Blake 51. Garrison/Morton 156 (Anm.). Vgl. PMM 219. Waller 1153 (EA). Wellcome II, 183 (3. Ausg. 1795).

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