"Good hypotheses, poor politics"

Trotsky, Leon, Bolshevik revolutionary and Marxist theorist (1879-1940). 18 letters signed, 13 with autograph courtesy, 1 signed with a paraph.

Prinkipo, Büyükada, France, Norway, Coyoacan, 1932-1939.

A total of 19 pp. Folio and (large) 4to. In German and English.


Highly political letters written during Trotsky's exile to his confidant Albert Glotzer, who, together with James P. Cannon and Max Shachtman, had founded the Trotskyist movement in the USA. Beginning shortly after Glotzer's extensive visit with Trotsky in Prinkipo, they mainly discuss the problems of concentrating the forces of the International Left Opposition against Stalin in Europe and America, the tactics in dealing with moderate parties and groups (the so-called "Centrists"), and the fragmentation tendencies among the American comrades; the final letter concerns the question of a Jewish state to be founded in Palestine.