Gastaldi's Map of Africa and Arabia

Gastaldi, Giacomo. Descrittione dell'Africa.

Venice, Paolo Forlani, [1562].

Engraved map on two sheets, joined. 440 x 600 mm. Framed (84:67,5 cm).


Rare. Based on the large mural map of Giacomo Gastaldi in the Palazzo Ducale in Venice, in 1550, considered the culmination of his work on the cartography of Africa through the 1540s. (The mural was subsequently lost to overpainting.) Shows the continent with southern Europe and Arabia; large strapwork dedication cartouche to Thomaso Ravenna at lower left; compass rose centre right. Trimmed to the outer neat lines; some wear and repairs to old folds, with loss of a few letters of the dedication. Two small areas of sea supplied in pen facsimile. Faint spotting, a pale uneven wash.

Tibbetts p. 47, 31. Not in Sultan bin M. Al-Qasimi, The Gulf in Historic Maps (1st or 2nd ed.).

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