Langren, H. F. van. Deliniantur in hac tabula, Orae maritimae Abexiae, freti Mecani: al Maris Rubri-Arabiae [...].

Copper engraving (from J. Huygen van Linschoten, Itinerario, 1596). Printed on 2 joined sheets. 385 x 535 mm. Matted.


Famous map of the Arabian Sea between Cyprus and northern Sumatra from one of the ed. 1596-1644. "Probably the first detailed navigation chart printed for the Indian Ocean and the Arabian sea" (Al Ankary 148).

Tibbetts 46. Al Ankary 148f. Gole, Early Maps 8. Schilder, MCN V, p. 140 & VII, p. 220/1. Clancy 70. Clancy/R. 67 (all illustrated).

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