Napoleon, Emperor of the French (1769-1821). Letter signed ("Napoleon").

Paris, 18. II. 1812.

Folio. 2 pp.


A letter to Rear Admiral Count Batte instructing him how to move a part of the flotilla from Boulogne to Cherbourg.

Napoléon informs Count Batte about his intention to move 9 prams, 4 bombers and 40 canon shallops of the new type without delay from Boulogne to Cherbourg. The division will be equipped with the 12th and 14th garrison of the flotilla and on its arrival at Cherbourg it will remain without any special commander. As the simultaneous departure of such a number of ships would cause inconveniences, Napoléons asks Count Batte to organize the departure in sections of 3, 6 or 9 ships and to send off such a number one after the other as the circumstances will allow him to. Napoléon is convinced that he has to facilitate the passage. He asks Count Batte not to leave Boulogne until at least half of the totality of the ships will have appeared and his activities will be confirmed to him. Napoléon tells Count Batte to make sure not to miss any occasion to increase the departure of sections of the flotilla taking into consideration that the season is still very favourable for this movement and that any delay could cause an infinite retardation of success. Napoléon informs Count Batte that upon his arrival at Cherbourg the Ministry of the Navy will address him with instructions concerning the task that he has to fulfill and concerning the ultimate destination of this important part of the flotilla. Napoléon ends his letter by pleading to god to keep Rear Admiral Count Batte in good health.

Some tiny holes (not touching the signature).

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