[Ferdinand I of Austria - heraldry]. Stemmi e intitolazioni di Sua Maestà Imperiale Reale Apostolica Ferdinando I.° Imperatore d'Austria.

Milano, dall'Imperiale Regia Stamperia, 1837.

Folio (230 x 340 mm). (20) pp. With 4 lithographed plates (one folded, measuring 48 x 59 cms). (Includes): Wappen und Titel Seiner kaiserlichen königlichen Apostolischen Majestät Ferdinand des Ersten, Kaisers von Oesterreich. (20) pp. Small folio.


Publication of the official titles and styles of Ferdinand, who had become emperor of Austria in 1835 and would be crowned King of Lombardy-Venetia in 1838 (a mere formality, anticipated here). Gives the long, middle, and short titles in both Italian and Latin, a detailed Italian description of Ferdinand's coats of arms (also in its full, medium, and small versions), and the Latin titles to be used in as seal legends with these coats of arms. All three versions of the arms are illustrated; in addition, a diagram explains the extremely detailed Great Coat.

A single ink annotation (to the explanation of the arms of Trieste); a tear to the folding illustration of the Great Coat has been repaired. Very rare: apart from the copy in the Austrian National Library, catalogues list a single copy in the U.S. (University of Illinois) and two in Italy (Biblioteca della Fondazione Biblioteca San Bernardino and Biblioteca della Fondazione Bruno Kessler, both in Trento).

Included is the slightly smaller German version, not illustrated, but prefixing a publication of the official decree of 23 September 1836, and giving the titles in Latin and German, the heraldic description of the various titles (annotated in red crayon and ink, taking particular exception to the description of the arms of Bregenz as turnips: "Nonsense! They are ermine tails"), and the seal legends.

Some brownstaining and a few edge flaws to the German publication.

OCLC 883395896.

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