Andersen, Hans Christian, Danish poet (1805-1875). Autograph manuscript signed ("H. C. Andersen").

No place or date.

Oblong 8vo. 1 page.


A three-stanza poem, published in Andersen's final novel "Lykke-Peer" ("Lucky Peer") and first published in the Danish magazine "Figaro" in 1869. The following year, "Lucky Peer", including our poem was published serially in "Scribner's Monthly" in a translation by Horace E. Scudder: "Like the wind our days are blown, | No tarrying place is here; | From cheeks the roses have flown: | Perished the smile and the tear. | Wherefore, then, smitten with grief? | Sorrow, too, taketh its flight, | Everything fades like the leaf, | Men and women, and daytime and night. | Vanishing, vanishing all! Thy youth, thy hope, and thy friend. | Like the wind, they heed not thy call, | They vanish, nor turn back again!" (transl. from the Danish original).

Folded with some scattered toning and war. A small ink stamp of the Bibliotheca Ovarnforslana on verso; overall in fine condition.

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