Schumann, Robert, German composer (1810-1856). Steel engraving of Clara and Robert Schumann by Friedrich Schauer, with mounted musical quotation, signed and dedicated by Robert.

Amsterdam, 3 Dec. 1853.

Portrait: Large 4to. AmusQS 65:80 mm.


The well-known double portrait of Clara and Robert Schumann, dedicated by Robert to the Dutch soprano Sophia Huberta Offermans, née van Hove (1829-1906).

The quotation cites two bars from the prelude "Paradies und Peri", op. 50.

The married couple Clara and Robert Schumann got to know the soprana on a journey to the Netherlands, where Sophia Huberta Offermans delighted with her heartfelt singing. A detailed journey's report can be found at Litzmann (Litzmann II, p. 286 ff).

More information concerning the double portrait, originally created in plaster, at Burger ("Robert Schumann. Eine Lebenschronik in Bildern", p. 204f), who notes that the steel engravings were out for sale in spring 1850.

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