With an entry from Suriname

[Album amicorum]. - Netherlands. Friendship album of Adriaantje Anemaet.

Middelharnis, Groningen, and Paramaribo, 1843-1846.

Oblong 8vo (157 x 92 mm). 23 ff. with 18 entries. With 3 watercolours, 1 pencil drawing within a relief paper cartouche, 2 embroideries (1 on lace paper), 1 needlepoint, 1 hair memento, 1 nature print, 1 paper bouquet mounted in multiple layers of coloured paper. All stored loosely within a small giltstamped half leather coffer with lithographed illustrations on the inside.


The album amicorum of Adriaantje "Jaan" Anemaet (b. ca. 1823), including a letter sent from Dutch colonial Paramaribo, a nature print of foliage, possibly from Borneo, watercolours of a Japanese lady, a ship, and a church; an embroidery of flowers and an embroidered souvenir leaflet on lace paper elaborately decorated with beads, and a bouquet composed of multiple layers of coloured paper. The entry by the collector's brother C. J. Anemaet is dated in Paramaribo in Suriname, 5 April 1846. Other contributors include the collector's father A. G. P. Anemaet, her mother A. Anemaet, Kolff van Oosterwyk, C. J. W. Bulaeus, and W. de Vlaming.

Beautifully preserved.