Lachâtre, Maurice, publisher (1814-1900). 4 autograph manuscripts.

San Sebastian, Paris, and no place, 1873 and no date.

8vo. (3¼+1½+1+3½ =) 9¼ pp. on 2 bifolia and 5 single leaves. Includes 2 bills of exchange signed (oblong 8vo, [1+1 =] 2 pp.) and a copy of a letter to Emmanuel Arago (8vo, 2 pp.).


Address list (Karl Marx, Longuet, F. Engels, Louis Blanc, etc.).

Draft of an appeal to the figureheads of the events of the Paris Commune to participate in a Memorial celebration, recounting how Lachâtre was sentenced by a council of war for having, among the papers seized at his home, a letter addressed to Félix Pyat.

"Programme de l'avenir" (Programme of the Future) signed (San Sebastian, 31 May 1873), advocating equality of civil and political rights of men and women, separation of church and state, abolition of the death penalty, etc., declaring a "République fédérale, démocratique, sociale, universelle".

Letter, incomplete at the beginning, (to Henri Oriol?) concerning a journal's publication and its financial provision, the payment of a fine, etc.

Includes 2 bills of exchange signed (Paris, 10 June 1868) for Messrs. Comas y Jarmot in Barcelona, and the copy of a letter to Emmanuel Arago (Paris, 24 Nov. 1870).