Hegel, Schleiermacher, Ranke, and many others

Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich, philosopher (1770-1831). Lecture registration form with an autograph note signed.

Berlin, 9 April 1827.

Folio. 4 pp. on a bifolium.


A lecture registration form for the classicist August Dühr (1806-96), confirming his lecture attendance from the winter semester 1824/25 to the summer semester 1827. Each entry bears a signed comment by the professor. Dühr attended Hegel's lecture on the "Philosophy of History", and Hegel states: "den fleissigen Besuch bezeugt Hegel 9/4 27" ("certifying diligent attendance / Hegel / 9 April 1827").

Additional holograph entries are by the theologians Friedrich Schleiermacher (2 entries), August Tholuck, Philipp Konrad Marheineke, August Neander, Friedrich Strauß, Friedrich Bleek, Ernst Wilhelm Hengstenberg, Friedrich Uhlemann, Anton Pelt, and Georg Rheinwald, by the historians Leopold von Ranke and Friedrich von Raumer, the classical scholar August Boeckh, the geographer Carl Ritter, and the philosopher Leopold von Henning. August Dühr was later to serve as deputy rector at the Friedland Gymnasium. He published extensively and knew many scholars intimately.

Light brownstaining; a few edge flaws. An important document of the early history of the University of Berlin, founded in 1809.

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