[United States Geological Survey of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia]. Saudi Arabia Geologic Maps (GM) series. 6 maps.

[Reston, VA] / Jiddah, Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Deputy Ministry for Mineral Resources, 1975-1991.

6 maps, colour printed. Scales: 1:100,000; 1:250,000; 1:2,500,000. All in their original printed orange and green envelopes, all but one with accompanying booklets.


Six maps from the USGS's premier Geologic and Geoscience series (English and Arabic text), focusing on the west of the Arabian Peninsula. Originally compiled from field mapping carried out at the 1:100,000 scale, though scales here vary. Maps include keys and cross-sections, and sometimes an accompanying booklet of detailed explanatory notes. Comprises individually:

1) GM-22 (IR 182; Vranas p. 17): Geology of the Jabal Ibrahim Quadrangle, Sheet 20 / 41C, by W. R. Greenwood, with a Section on Economic Geology, by R. G. Worl and W. R. Greenwood, 82 x 74 cm, 1:100,000, 1975 (1976). Based on mapping done Dec. 1970-Jan. 1971. With 18 pp. staple-bound illustrated notes as called for.

2) GM-28: Geology of the Nuqrah Quadrangle, sheet 25E, by J. Delfour, 106 x 62 cm, 1:250,000, 1977. Includes 18 pp. staple-bound illustrated notes by J. Delfour. This area lies a little to the north of Medina. Original mapping is credited to the Bureau de Recherches Geologiques et des Minieres.

3) GM-66 - Plate 2: Mineral locality maps of Saudi Arabia, by Hans van Daalhoff, 71 x 96 cm, 1:2,500,000, 1982. This map is a reduction of the Anglo-American / USGS Map I-270-B2 (1963) and includes a large stretch of the Red Sea coast including the Holy Sites, part of Qatar, and the major oil producing locations on the Arabian Gulf.

4) GM-78A (IR 383; Vranas p. 33): Geologic map of the Najran quadrangle, Sheet 17G (with Landsat base), by Edward G. Sable, 109 x 64 cm, 1:250,000, 1985. Includes 18 pp. staple-bound illustrated "Explanatory Notes" by Sable as called for (though Vranas confusingly indicates this should also include an additional geographic map, and the booklet be 35 pp.).

5) GM-122: Industrial mineral resources map of Jiddah, by C. H. Spencer, Alain Cartier, and Pierre Louis Vincent, in two sheets, 1988. 1:100,000. 2 sheets (Jiddah East; Jiddah West), each 102 x 76 cm. Includes 15 pp. staple-bound illustrated notes by Spencer, Cartier and Vincent.

6) GM-132: Geologic map of the Cenozoic Lava field of Harrat Kishb, by M. John Roobol and Victor E. Camp, 86 x 76 cm, 1:250,000, 1991. Includes 34 pp. staple-bound illustrated notes by Roobol and Camp.

Very well preserved in general.

G. J. Vranas, List of Interagency Reports submitted by the US Geological Survey Saudi Arabian Mission to the Saudi Arabian Directorate General of Mineral Resources from 1965 to the beginning of 1992 (Open File Report USGS-OF-92-2. Interagency Report 844 (Jiddah: Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Directorate General of Mineral Resources, 1412 AH/1992 AD), pp. 17, 33.

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