The four Grand Duchesses of Russia

[Romanova, Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia, Grand Duchesses of Russia]. Signed original photograph of the four daughters of Czar Nicholas II.

Likely St. Petersburg, 1916.

Black-and-white albumen photo print (vintage), measuring ca. 148 x 157, mounted on a piece of backing paper, matted, glazed and framed (448 x 405 mm).


A formal portrait photograph of the four Grand Duchesses of Russia, taken in 1913 for the Romanov Tercentenary and signed by all four and dated "1916" at the bottom. The sisters were very close and frequently signed letters to family relations as "OTMA", rather than use their individual names.

Olga (born 15 November 1895), Tatiana (10 June 1897), Maria (26 June 1899) and Anastasia (18 June 1901), the daughters of Emperor Nicholas II of Russia and his consort, Alexandra Feodorovna, were the most famous princesses of their day. Signed photographs are extremely rare, as they were all executed by Bolshevik revolutionaries at Yekaterinburg on 17 July 1918, aged 22, 21, 19, and 17, respectively.