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Oppenheim, Max Freiherr von / Seemann, Oswald / Langenegger, Felix. [Middle Eastern Photography and Archaeology]. A collection of 30 original photographs from Max von Oppenheim's expeditions in Syria and South-Central Anatolia.

Syria / south-eastern Turkey, 1911-1913.

30 original photographs (each approximately 170 x 120 mm), mounted upon blue paper (each 240 x 195 mm) with punch holes on the left hand side. Some photographs with contemporary pencil annotations to verso, and some paper mounts with pencil annotations.

Collection of 30 original photographs taken by the official entourage of the legendary orientalist, archaeologist and spy Max Freiherr von Oppenheim (1860-1946) during his expeditions in Syria and south-eastern Anatolia, from 1911 to 1913. The photographs were taken by members of the baron's official party, including his photographer Dr. Oswald Seemann, a physician by training, and Felix Langenegger, an engineer and long-time associate of Oppenheim. Most of the photographs show architectural subjects taken in wide variety of cities and archaeological sites, ranging from Aleppo to Mardin to Urfa.

Photographs that were taken by Oppenheim's official parts rarely appear on the market, as they were made exclusively for private circulation. While a small number of what amounted to 13,000 images were published in books and magazines, the great majority of the photographs remain entirely unpublished. In addition to their artistic merits, they are valuable artefacts documenting some of most intriguing intellectual journeys in the Middle East and Turkey during the heady period on the eve of World War I. The present collection was probably assembled and retained by a member of Oppenheim's party, perhaps even Langenegger, or someone in his circle.

The engineer Felix Langenegger was one of Oppenheim's closest collaborators for many years. His writings on Tell Half (authored with Karl Müller and Rudolf Naumann) were eventually published as "Tell Halaf: Die Bauwerke" (Berlin: Walter de Gruyter & Company, 1950).

Oppenheim has been the focus of number of recent exhibitions and books. Notably, his photography collection was the subject of a well-received exhibition, "From Cairo to Tell Halaf", at the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin.

Photographs in good condition, only one photograph severely damaged with loss.