Air map of Iran and the Middle East at the beginning of the Cold War

[Map - Iran - Middle East]. U.S. Air Force Aeronautical Chart Service. U.S. Air Force Aeronautical Planning Chart - (AP-12) Iran.

Washington, DC, U.S. Air Force Aeronautical Chart Service, 1950.

Colour map, 830 x 1195 mm (folded 210 x 200 mm). Scale 1:5,000,000.


Detailed map, centred on Iran, covering the areas between the 25th and 100th meridian east and between the 25th and 45th parallel north, which includes parts of the Middle East and Central Asia as well as Ukraine, the Soviet Union, Mongolia, Tibet and India. It contains extensive aviation information, indicating locations of items of interest such as aircraft facilities, radio beacons (including those at Sharjah and Bahrein) and no-fly zones. Specific captions mention information such as "Flying is prohibited over Syrian cities", "flying is prohibited over Saudi Arabian cities", "flying over Iran is restricted to established routes" and "flying is prohibited over Trans-Jordan between sunset and sunrise". Although the legend mentions "air information current as of Apr 1950", the map itself was first published in 1945 and last revised in April 1947. Therefore the political boundaries do not entirely reflect the situation of 1950, with India before its division in August 1947 being the most prominent.

With an "obsolete" and an owner's stamp at the bottom right. In very good condition.

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