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Aitchison, C[harles] U[mpherston] (ed.). A Collection of Treaties, Engagements and Sanads Relating to India and Neighbouring Countries [...]. Vol. XII. Containing the Treaties, &c., relating to Jammu and Kashmir, Sikkim, Assam and Burma.

Calcutta, Government of India, Central Publication Branch, 1931.

Large 8vo. (2), XII, 283, (3), XII, XXIII, (1) pp. Contemporary half cloth over buckram boards.


Forming part of the fifth edition of this important government-issued series (incorporating revisions to 1929), this 12th volume records the treaties made with the countries on the fringes of the British Raj, most importantly those made with Burma, but also such entered into with Jammu and Kashmir in the northwest as well as with Sikkim and Assam in the northeast. The first of these recorded is a commercial arrangement with the King of Ava in 1795, and those that follow demonstrate the steady progress of English intervention with a Treaty "for the establishment of a Court at Mandalay" and various arrangements between the British and Chinese with regard to the Burmese frontier.

Edges somewhat rubbed, front hinge beginning to split, but still a good, well-preserved copy. Provenance: Foreign and Commonwealth Office stamp (Commonwealth Relations Offfice Library) to title-page and cancellation stamp to verso; "Council Reading Room" stamp to flyleaf with pencil note "Amendments made to to 25. 2. 35".


OCLC 454612923.

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