Mediaeval manuscript from Aggsbach Charterhouse

[Augustine of Hippo]. [De Civitate Dei] - Tabula super libros de civitate Dei.

Probably Austria, ca. 1450 (15th century).

Folio (226 x 312 mm). Latin manuscript on paper and vellum. 130 ff. (6 to a quire, first and last are vellum = 44 ff. on vellum), numbered 1-125 in a contemporary hand, 126-130 in modern pencil). Bastarda in black ink, rubricated throughout, 37-44 lines, written space ca. 126 x 202 mm, per extensum, chapter index at the end written in two columns. A single 5-line initial in red and black ink at the beginning of the prologue; smaller red Lombardic initials at the beginning of each alphabetical section. Spine shows remains of a calf binding; wants covers but has contemporary vellum cover sheets with traces of suede (possibly the original pastedowns). In custom-made half morocco solander case.


An alphabetical index to St. Augustine's "De Civitate Dei" ("The City of God"), an effort attributed to Robertus Kilwardby (ca. 1215-79), the Archbishop of Canterbury. Contains: fol. 1v-2r, prologue, inc.: Ut de infrascripta tabula noticiam pleniorem habere valeas; des.: in libro suo quod legit inveniat; 2r-125v: tabula super librum Augustini de civitate dei facta per alphabetum (Aaron-Zoroastes); sequ. (125v-130r) tabula capitulorum de libri de civitate dei.

Page index to alphabet on inside of upper cover leaf. Some waterstaining near begining and end. A few early vellum flaws, mainly confined to margins, some repaired by the scribe or with traces of sewing; three vellum leaves trimmed close to text at lower margins (no loss); cover leaves more severely stained and wrinkled.

Provenance: Aggsbach Charterhouse (near Aggsbach on the Danube, between Dürnstein and Melk, Lower Austria) with repeated contemporary handwritten ownership: "Iste liber est domus porte beate Marie virginis in Axpach prope Danubium, ordinis Cartusiensis". Founded in 1380, the charterhouse was dissolved in 1782 during the reforms of Emperor Joseph II. Traces of a removed bookplate to inside of upper cover leaf; old shelfmark "CV/20" in red crayon to recto of fol. 1.

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