Freud, Sigmund, founder of psychoanalysis (1856-1939). Autograph manuscript.

Vienna, [September] 1930.

4to. ¾ page.


Draft for an obituary for his mother Amalia, in German: "In the name of her siblings Sigmund and Martha Freud, Anna Bernays (New York), Rosa Graf, Marie Freud (Berlin), Paula Winternitz, Alexander and Sophie Freud, as well as their children and grandchildren, Adolfine Freud gives notice of the death of her mother Amalia Freud, née Nathanson, who passed away peacefully on ... at the great age of 95. The funeral of the beloved took place in Vienna on the ... We thank all friends for their silent sympathies. Vienna, on the ... 1930".

Amalia Nathanson Freud, born in 1835, died of gangrene in her leg on 12 September 1930.

Very lightly stained and with slight traces of folding. The name of Freud's youngest sister Paula Winternitz is written below and inserted with an arrow drawn with a red pencil.