Freud, Sigmund, founder of psychoanalysis (1856-1939). Autograph letter signed. In German.

Vienna, 3 Nov. 1932.

8vo. 1½ pp. With autograph envelope.


To the Austrian physician Hans Robicsek delivering a scathing criticism of his recent book "Sprache, Mensch und Mythos. Einführung in die Differentialanalyse der Sprache" ("Language, man and myth. Introduction to the differential analysis of language"): "I have read your interesting book very soon after its publication. Even though I understand that the jugdement of an individual person isn't crucial, I hold no reservations about conveying my impression to you. I found it to be quite witty, sometimes absorbing, but on the whole unconvincing and unacceptable. One fault that I see is that you don't engage critically with the objections that the readers must have. The spirit of certainty, even enthusiasm that your account breathes isn't engaging. I have to admit, though, that my judgement is somewhat devalued by the incompleteness of my knowledge in this field [...]". Hans Robicsek was a distant relative of the Austrian writer Hermann Bahr. In 1939 he migrated to the US, where he died in 1951.

On stationery with printed letterhead.