[North Yemen]. Organisation of Yemeni Revolutionary Resistors (OYRR) in the Yemen Arab Republic / Mnzmt Al-Muqawimin Al-Thawroyyom Al-Yemenyyin. Statement on communiques issued from August to October, 1972.

[North Yemen], OYRR, 18. XI. 1972.

Small folio (ca. 205 x 332 mm). 4 pp. Typescript. Stapled.


An informative but gruesome report on terrorist actions carried out by the OYRR, listing them in a matter-of-fact and somewhat smug tone. Mentions the blasting and shelling of sheikhs' houses at Rada, Beidha, and Juban, the capture and killing of the owners, an explosion at the palace of Nagi bin Mansoor Nimran, destroying a large part of the building, the blowing up of vehicles, the planting of mines on roads frequented by mercenaries, and battles with reactionary forces, often lasting several hours.

Perforations. A vertical crease on pages 1-2.

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