Cartwright, George, English army officer, trader and explorer (1739/40-1819). Autograph letter signed.

Mansfield, 14. VI. 1817.

4to. 3 pp. on bifolium. With autograph address verso.


To his brother, the inventor Edmund Cartwright (1743-1823), about spending his leisure time hawking and fishing, as well as their brother John Cartwright's (1740-1824) failed attempt at a parliamentary reform: "Although my excursion into Norfolk did not answer my expectations, I hope to have some good Hawking in September, as I have engaged the falconer to be here, with three goshawks for the whole of that month, and in the mean time shall amuse my day with the drouts for this is an excellent situation for them [...] What, the plage, can you have to do, that you cannot find time to fish? Before you go out consult the moon & the weather. It has long been observed, that a good pike has very seldom been caught (except by trimmers that were out all night) during light nights, therefore the time is from the moon's entering into her first quarter until she enters the last, and the proper weahter is a brisk wind & dark sky [...] I am glad to hear of John's intention to quit London, & hope he will have all his very erronious politics behind him, for the benefit of his successor. I was very happy to observe that his reform of Parliament was kicked out of both houses by large majorities, and the consequences of his inflaming the publick mind has, I hope, damned it compleatly. The Catholic question meeting with a similar fate pleased me well, and those two were able that I cared a straw about [...] There has been pretty work in this neighbourhood lately, & also in Yorkshire all occasioned by working up the people to petition for a reform in Parliament. If my consent was necessary for the repeat of the suspension act neither threat nor bribes should induce me to give it [...]".

A strip of old mounting tape on verso.

Loosely enclosed is T. Medland's engraving "Captain Cartwright visiting his Fox-traps" from Cartwright's 1792 work "A journal of transactions and events, during a residence of nearly sixteen years on the coast of Labrador".

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