Ru'aini al-Maliki Al-Khattab, Yahya bin Mohammed ar- (and other writers). Astronomical manuscript.

No place, [1688/89 CE =] 1100 H.

4to (150 x 210 mm). Arabic manuscript on smoothed paper. 77 ff. Black and occasional red ink, 19 lines, per extensum, frequent underlinings in red, with a full-page table and several carefully drawn astronomical diagrams in black and red ink. 18th century half calf with black cloth covers.


An extensive Arabic astronomical manuscript in eight parts, comprising:

1. The "Risalat fi 'stikhragh al-layl wannahar min rub' ad-da'ira, al-musamma birub' al-mughaiyab" (A treatise on knowing the extraction of night and day actions from the quadrant, known as the answering quadrant) by the Meccan astronomer Yahya ar-Ru'aini Al-Khattab (902-995 H/1496-1587 CE).

2. Umar Ibn al-Jabali, "Sharah al-rub' al-mughaiyab" (Explanation of the respondent quadrant).

3. The third chapter of the book "Qashf al-Bayan" on determining the times of the call to prayer by use of the quadrant by the great Syrian astronomer 'Abu al-Hasan Ala'addin ibn Ibrahim, known as ibn Al-Shatir (d. 777 H/1375 CE), compiled by Hussein Al-Hasani Al-Khalkhali.

4. Letter in the respondent quadrant.

5. A discussion of the names of its various parts and segments of the astrolabe.

6. Instructions for the use of quadrants by Ibn Al-Shatir.

7. Commentary on chronology.

8. On the benefits of astronomy.

A good, well-preserved manuscript collection with extensive marginalia and several very precise astronomical diagrams.

GAL II, 393, no. 2.